Centre Éducatif Les petits pandas

6201 Bannantyne Ave

Verdun ,QC H4H 1J4


Typical day


7H Opening of the nursery
Arrival of children
8H30 Hygiene routine
9H - 11H Siesta (For babies who express a need for a nap)
Supervised activities (outdoor games, crafts, stories, psychomotor games, sound awakening, etc.)
11H - 12H Preparation for dinner, hygiene routine
Napping preparation (music, history, rocking, cuddling, etc.)
12H - 15H Siesta/Nap
Gradual lifting of children, hygiene routine
Quiet activities (books, puzzles, teddy bears, etc.)
15H - 15H30 Snack
Hygiene routine
15H30 - 18H Activities (block games, handling, etc.)
18H Closing of the daycare centre

Children 18 months to 5 years old

7H Welcome : the children are free to play
8H45 Tidying up with the children's collaboration
Toilet routine and hand washing
9H Snack and chat
9H20 Group activities: board games, dancing, crafts
9H50 Dressing and outdoor games if the weather allows it
11H Getting in, undressing, washing hands
11H30 Dinner
12H15 Hand washing routine
13H The nap
15H Gradual awakening of children
Toilet routine
Storage of mattresses and blankets
Free games
15h30 Hand washing and snacks
15H45 Workshop activities (the child has the choice of different activities or in groups)
16H30 Free games until the arrival of the parents
18H Closing of the daycare centre